RapidSpar Device plus Rapidspar Software Suite

Includes cables/adapters for SATA/IDE 3.5"/2.5" drives.
1 year RapidNebula access, 1 year warranty.
Connects to USB 3.0 or newer only. 64 bit Windows is required.

Set of Adapters

Adds basic adapters for: 1.8" IDE, ZIF, LIF, mSATA, Micro SATA, CF card, SD card, M.2 B+M key, Apple Macbook 12+6 pin, Apple Macbook 17+7 pin.

Data Acquisition Add-on

Please see this page for more information.

Extend RapidNebula Access by 1 Year

RapidNebula provides software/firmware updates and
performs automated diagnostics, fixes, and optimizations.

Shipping to United States:

Ships by DHL Express 1-2 business days after payment.


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