Financing Terms

We are offering an option to purchase RapidSpar in installments, so users can pay for the investment with the profits it generates.

  • Each payment activates the device for a period of 4 months. An extra 7 days is added to the first period to allow for transit time.
  • If a payment deadline is missed then the device will not work at all until payment is made, at which point the next 4 month period will begin.
  • Online diagnostics through RapidNebula must be ran before offline cloning in standalone mode will work. After the third payment the device will be paid off and this limitation will be removed, allowing offline cloning without PC.
  • The total cost increases by $90US, added to the first payment as an administrative fee.
  • After the end of the third 4-month period, the 1 year RapidNebula license (included with all units) will expire and can be renewed for $350US/year, same as the RapidSpar units purchased outright.
  • Technical support is unaffected by this offer - all RapidSpar users receive the same support.

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